Meet the Team

Hey guys!

I'm Sam and I will most likely be the first voice or face you hear and see when you book with Auburn Blue Photography.

In these past few years within our business I've helped lay the foundation that helps streamline your day. From the moment we receive your inquiry, to consultations (or exchanging memes and emojis through text), shooting your wedding, and delivering your gallery, I will be walking with you hand-in-hand and doing everything I can to keep your day stress free.

Because I'm bilingual, we have helped Spanish speaking people jump over language barriers so that they too can navigate through our booking and delivery process.

While I may be the head of administration, I am also my husband George's assistant photographer. So that means that your day will almost always have more than one photographer capturing your best moments.

We have built our business on being of service and making sure that your wedding day will be preserved for decades to come so that your legacy can be passed down through generations.

I'm George, your main guy when it comes to all things shooting and editing. One thing about me that you're going to notice is that I don't do boring, and you shouldn't either! If the laugh ain't genuine, then I'm firing myself.

Please laugh... I need this job.

In short, I've been shooting for about 5 years total, and I know this because I started when our little one was born - 7 days after we got married. We didn't really have a professional photographer to document moments as special as these so I took on the challenge.

Ever since then we've gotten the chance to meet and photograph so many people of all kinds of cultures and backgrounds and they've all found a way to leave an imprint in my life.

Being Afro-Latino, I've been able to help BIPOC folks feel that sense of relief and security. Not only do they know that their photographer knows exactly how to capture their tones in the best light without diminishing who they are, but they know I've lived similar experiences and struggles. Making our voice heard in our community and raising awareness on issues affecting BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities, we've cultivated a seat at a table where there is a safe space and where we can document love stories together fearlessly!


What's going on people!?



IS Dark + Moody
IS Colorful
IS Inclusive

We document elopements in a candid and plan-did style while keeping chill and playful. 

George and Sam definitely know how to work their magic! They have such wonderful energy and we felt so comfortable in front of the camera because of it! My husband and I are so in love with the engagement album we received and the sneak peaks they have sent over from the wedding! Can’t wait to hang them up on my mantel.

-Monica Weaver